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Serving Fairfield and

New Haven Counties

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How far in advance do I need to order a container?

Usually 24 hours notice but often same day delivery is possible.

Are there additional charges for particular items?

We do charge an extra fee for the disposal of vehicle tires and used mattresses.

What containers sizes do you offer?

Containers are available in sizes ranging from 1 - 30 yards.

Below we've included some commonly-asked questions to provide a little more information about our services. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Helpful FAQs regarding Nick's Carting, Inc


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Where will the dumpster be placed when delivered?

The driver is given specific instructions on placement we receive from the customer.

Do you charge for extra weight in the containers?

Yes, you may contact the office and find out how much you will be charged.

Are permits or licenses necessary?

Permits are required ONLY if you intend for your dumpster to be placed on the street.

How do I obtain the permit for keeping a container on the street?

You can get a permit from Town Hall for around $35. Each town is different so please check with your town before hand.

How long can I keep the dumpster on site?

Usual time is two weeks unless specified in order it will be needed longer

What should I do in the event that my pick-up is missed?

Call or email the office with any delays or route changes.

What cities and areas do you provide service to?

Our service area includes the following cities and zip codes:

Ansoina: 06401

Bridgeport: 06601, 06602, 06604, 06605, 06606, 06607, 06608, 06610, 06650, 06673 and 06699

Fairfield: 06824, 06825 and 06828

Milford: 06460 and 06461

Monroe: 06468

New Haven: 06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06505, 06506, 06507, 06508, 06509, 06510, 06511, 06512, 06513, 06514, 06515, 06518, 06519, 06520, 0652, 06525, 06530, 06531, 06532, 06533, 06534, 06535, 06536, 06537, 06538 and 06540

North Haven: 06473

Shelton: 06484

Stratford: 06614 and 06615

Trumbull: 06611

Weston: 06883

Westport: 06880, 06881, 06888 and 06889

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Family Owned and Operated


Serving Fairfield and

New Haven Counties

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